Effective Training to Better Enhance The Use of Your Voice

WARNING - Our vocal improvement courses may induce side effects - Including Increased relaxation, confidence, presence, clarity of mind and better posture - PLEASE BE AWARE!

"I believe that our connection with and contribution to the world is far more pleasurable and impactful as a direct result of the ability to express ourselves effectively.

I believe that nurturing self-expression is as golden as the circle that elicits "why, how and what" we express.

Our Innate need to feel counted, as if we belong and that we can contribute to society, is intrinsically linked with this ability to communicate ourselves freely.

Our voice is more than just articulated vibrations of thought. It's a direct representation of our vitality, which I believe to be a fundamental human right.

A right that we must feel free to nurture and express without fear of judgement or ridicule.

it is MY mission to enliven the voice of those who have something to say, embolden those who yearn to be heard and speak out for those who are unable.

So that one day, every one of us can safely express our vitality as naturally as we breathe the air that feeds us." - Darren McStay

At Vocabilities we work comprehensively to provide holistic training courses for clients aiming to enhance the use of their voice - whether for work, social, live or even recorded. Our mission is to equip our clients with the systems and tools necessary to achieve great results with every aspect of their voice - enabling clear, resonant and confident vocality.