Breath Week One - Day One

Hello and welcome to Day One, Week One of this new and exciting eight week rollercoaster ride into the art of voice work.

Throughout this course you will be set daily exercises, which I recommended you follow to the best of your ability. Each video includes a demonstration and in the section below the video you will find the day's exercises explained fully. It may seem quite short at first but we will be building on these exercises throughout the week.

All this week we will be practicing exercises focused on and around the breath and breathing.

Today's exercise requires using our imagination to direct the flow of air as we breath in, toward the sacral area (lower back, just above the tailbone) and allowing it to fill our lungs from this point up.

This ten minute focused breathing exercise will be done whilst laying in a semi supine position (laying on your back, knees raised until feet are flat on the ground parallel to each other and slightly wider than hip width apart). Your hands can rest on the belly just below the naval (belly button) and you can aim to further relax and let go of any tension each time you breathe out.

Nice and easy, using gentle focused breaths, remember to take your time and be ready to listen along with the video as we do this first exercise together.

Make sure you have enough floor space and/or a yoga mat to lay on and enjoy the exercise!

Go ahead and press Play on the video and let's get started...

Today's exercise

Semi-supine - breathing into sacrum

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